I’m not sure if any body is still lurking but I’m happy to say we are revamping his RP. Well, I am, and I’m in need of some admins to help me along the way so come to my inbox if you’re interested! ~ Admin Laura.

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We get an app when we say we’re considering closing. 

Applaud, applaud. Have this Harry gif in return.

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So we’re sad to say: 

Me and my other admins have been talking about it, and we both have no ideas for this RP any more. No one is active, and it’s a shame really, but we are considering shutting down the RP. We’re only considering but right now we don’t see any other options.

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this video killed me.


Admin Laura is finally home! 

I’ve missed you all, and once I sleep off the jet lag I’ll write some new bios!

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Lucy Fox is 17 years old and often mistaken for Ariana Grande. She is the Tough and labeled as “The Forgotten One.”

Positive’s traits: Caring, Sweet, Generous.
Negative’s traits: Reluctant, Lonely, Low-Spirited.

Lucy’s Backstory;

Lucy was always known for being quiet, she never raised her hand in class, nor became outspoken with those she disagreed with. Some would see it as a bad thing, because her confidence was a lot lower than someone may expect. It didn’t mean she didn’t have her opinion, she most certainly did but she preferred to keep it to herself. The reasons for this was because she didn’t want to cause trouble, after all, she felt as if she was always doing that. Her father told her often enough that she was nothing but a nuisance, and after time she came to believe it. Lucy was an average girl, except she kept herself to herself. Some would consider this a turn off, but she always had the company of her friends Georgie and Rory.

Rory was someone who caught Lucy’s eye immediately. He was sweet and didn’t judge her when she was as quiet as she was. He gave her the small amount of attention she needed, and understood her when no one else would. This was the reason for her to fall for him, and his charming personality. After time, she noticed he was falling for her fellow friend Georgie, which automatically put Lucy in a very bad place. She was quieter than normal, and kept to herself more as she feared she would ruin hers, Rory’s and Georgie’s relationship. Although after time, Rory was somehow more attached to her and she loved it. Slowly, they became a couple and she felt more alive than every, but Rory disappeared on an adventure which she couldn’t follow. Weeks, then months went by without contact and she decided it was best for her to end it, despite the hole in her heart, she decided to continue alone, hoping that one day he would return.

Lucy’s Personality;

Lucy is a shy, yet caring young girl. She often keeps to herself but this shouldn’t be taken offence to. She’s always got that sweet little smile which was seen as adorable to all. Although she is quiet, she is still considered as someone to turn to, and someone who’ll listen rather than question the person’s decisions. That’s what makes her so nice to be around, but she only has two close friends which makes her lack social ability on occasions. Overall, she a generous yet shy person, with a few trust issues intact. 

Unfortunately for you, she is TAKEN by Paige.

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Cory Evans is 18 years old and often mistaken for Louis Tomlinson. He is the Tough and labeled as “Music Nerd.”

Positive’s traits: Virtuoso, Affectionate, Cheeky.
Negative’s traits: Scared, Hyper, Over-Critical of himself.

Cory’s Backstory;

Brown-haired, chiselled features and a smile that can light up a room, Cory Evans is a force to be reckoned with. He has no set goal in life but loves the idea of being a drifter. He drifts from here to there, moving from section to section but the one thing that he has always loved is his music. Put a microphone in his hands and he’ll sing his heart out to you, that’s just the sort of person he is. It’s like the microphone fuels his mind with inspiration and he feels like he can pour everything out without being judged or having his actions scrutinized because of it. Cory lives his life for his music but another major part is his friends, especially his best friend Flynn. Cory and Flynn had been destined from the beginning, that’s what Cory thinks anyway. Best friends from childhood the two of them had done everything together and, even though Flynn had started with his smoking and his skate-boarding and general badass behaviour, the two of them had managed to remain friends even after they had passed through their freshmen years and reached the years of being sophomores. In some ways it was at this point that things had started to go wrong. 

The bad boy and the music nerd, even their nicknames didn’t sound right together and whenever people heard their names in the same sentence it was usually a call for disgust that followed on after it. Quite a lot of people had a thing against guys that liked other guys, whether they were bisexual, homosexual or some other sort of sex orientation, they grouped them all under the same heading. Cory and Flynn tried, they really did but with all the pressure and strain that was on their relationship there wasn’t much chance of them lasting and then the bullying started. Notes left in lockers and people shoving into him as he walked through the school grounds. Flynn tried as hard as he could to scare away his tormentors and to try to assure Cory that there was nothing wrong with what they were doing and that they’d be okay, but Cory couldn’t shake the fear that he felt as he walked down the hallways and felt all eyes on him. He started to question himself, question if he really was good enough for Flynn. The fear pushed him over the edge and he ended it between them. 

Cory’s Personality;

The thing about Cory is that he listens to people, he listens to what they say and he takes all their words into account. When the bullying started he took their words into account and began to believe that he really was disgusting; Cory became convinced that what he was doing was basically a crime and it pained him to feel all those harsh gazes tearing into him. When he’s not around the campus and he’s surrounded by friends he’s a completely different person, there’s nothing he loves better than spending time with the people he loves so much. He’s funny and a little bit crazy at times but he’s sweet and people love him for his over-active personality. 

Unfortunately for you, he is TAKEN by Kat.

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Alyson Wakefield is 18 years old and often mistaken for Chachi Gonzales. She is the Love and labeled as “The Sweet One.”

Positive’s traits: Generous, Caring, Optimistic.
Negative’s traits: Brutally-Honest, Jealous, Impatient.

Alyson’s Backstory;

Alyson Josie Miller born into a fairly wealthy, on a cold winter night in Chicago on December 24th. Alyson was the girl with the cutest dimples ever and a laugh of a thousand feathers tickling inside you the most delightful way. Alyson was always the one to turn something positive, she was a pretty perky person even tough her life at home wasn’t the best. What was her life at home? Her parents would always constantly yell and argue. They were always arguing, from dusk till dawn. About the age of 16, Alyson was sick of it, so her aunt moved Alyson and her siblings with her. Living with her aunt, she grew a fairly privileged child. Her aunt and uncle cared for her and taught her from right and wrong to stay optimistic and open-minded. She never did drugs, had never drink, or rarely went to parties. Unlike her older siblings drinking, doing drugs, and partying every night. Alyson was born a natural stepper, dancing was her main passion. She was the youngest and last child of Audrey and Austin Miller. When she was seven years old, her mother signed her up for ballet classes, she liked it until she reached the age of twelve, she absolutely hated it. She never told her mother until her instructor pushed her to the limit. The instructor was so rude to her and always put Alyson on the spot. Her mother eventually let her quit and let Alyson join hip-hop. When she turned fourteen, she realized dancing was her main passion. She danced her way through elementary, middle, and high school. She became in every dance crew that was available to her. By that, she became fairly popular in high school. High school is the place where sure truly blossomed and became an individual, standing out with the crowd. In mid senior year, she was introduced an amazingly talented dance crew that wanted her to join them. She denied it because she didn’t want to leave her main crew, they eventually left her after graduation. She then went to the crew she denied and they accepted her. About the age of sixteen, Alyson and other teens from the dance studio taught kids from the local middle school. One day Alyson cam home from teaching and her parents were arguing. She thought it was about something stupid, but the next day they argued more and more. Alyson didn’t know what it was about, but she knew it was really bad and never going to stop. She’d always tried to stay after school to help out teachers or stay late at the middle school. Eventually they told Alyson to go home, she did and they were still arguing, but it got worse her father became addicted to alcohol and became abusive, he didn’t hurt Alyson in anyway, but he’d always do something to her siblings, she hated him. Alyson told her aunt about it, her aunt called the police on her father and they arrested him. Alyson’s mother didn’t want to raise her five kids alone so she gave them up to her aunt.  

In senior year in high school, Alyson was popular for her dancing, Elliot was never really on her radar. He was one of those people who’d roll their eyes whenever the other dance teams, bragging about wining a trophy at the previous dance review. What caught her attention was that he was constantly striking back at teachers with his attitude, but to Alyson, he seemed neutral. Whenever she asked a question, he didn’t seem exasperated, like he usually did. She observed how he acted so much more gentle around her, and she liked it. She liked that she seemed to inspire such a difference in him, like maybe he might be that way to everyone else if she tried to convince him so. The day that he asked her out was nothing remarkable; the only reason that the date remained imprinted in Alyson’s brain was because Elliot had become such a big part of her life. When spending time with him privately while they dated, he turned into a different person. No longer cold, he laughed with her, he told jokes, he made her smile endlessly. And she achieved exactly what she’d been thinking about when she’d first noticed him: his personality change. Since dating Alyson, he started to open up to other people, too. Unfortunately, the day that he announced he cheated on her was the day that marked the beginning of Alyson’s misery. After all of that, she absolutely hated it and said she’d never fall for someone like him ever again. 

Alyson’s Personality;

When it came to personality,  Alyson is known for her bubbly demeanor, never judging a book by it’s cover. She’s sweet and kind, but not easily taken-advantage of. She believes that everyone deserves respect, but if not presented to her kindly, she will not return it. Alyson will always try to see the best in everyone, always wishing people wouldn’t hide behind others; she’s very keen on the idea of people being true to who they are.

Unfortunately for you she is TAKEN by Valentina.

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Marley Lewis is 17 years old and often mistaken for Britt Robertson. She is the Love and labeled as “The Jack of All Trades.”

Positive’s traits: Skilled, Independent, Sweet.
Negative’s traits: Shy, Insecure, Compulsive.

Marley’s Backstory;

Marley has gone through a wide variety of hobbies and activities in her life time. She used to play basketball for her school team before she moved onto figure-skating and then onto track, her compulsive behaviour leaves her constantly picking up new goals in life and dropping the old ones as they become just old news for her. Marley’s parents were never really around as she grew up, her mother was an art collector who travelled the world looking for pieces to fill the art gallery where she worked and her father was a travelling salesman who moved up and down the country selling his bits and bobs leaving Marley alone at home for days on end. Of course her mother never found out that Marley was being left home alone and neither Marley or her father ever told her. While it was hard for her at first to look after herself while still being able to maintain the image that she still had  a parent living at home with her, she managed to succeed to the point where by the age of 12 she was able to be completely independent. By the age of 16 she had begun to realise the benefits of never having her parents around the house and she started to leave the house more and more often to hang out with friends and waste her time. She got a job and is currently saving up for a car to aid her transportation but for now she mainly bunks off rides with her friends to get around. 

One of these friends introduced her to Jake. Jake was the sort of guy that would immediately capture Marley’s attention because, like her, he’s not completely normal. So what if Jake doesn’t have as big a secret as Marley does but he’s not your stereotypical attractive male - he’s funny and he’s goofy and he always knows how to make her smile. She had felt herself falling for him, falling hard, and then as soon as it had started it stopped. He cut off all contact with her and dumped her like she was a nobody. She has no idea what she did wrong and she’s not sure whether she wants to find out. 

Marley’s Personality;

Marley sometimes thinks that she’s to blame for her parents wanting to constantly be outside of the house, she has serious insecurity issues that have only worsened after Jake’s uncalled for abandonment. She’s often questioning herself and wondering if she’ll ever be good enough for anyone and slowly, but surely, she’s slinking back into the shell to become the girl she was before she had begun to realise the benefits of not having parents around - the shy, scared girl that looked at everyone with sadness because they had a family when she didn’t. She knows pretty much everyone who goes to her school because of her wide-range of hobbies and through them she knows a lot of other people as well. The chances of her meeting someone she doesn’t know in her side of town is very slim. 

Unfortunately for you, she is TAKEN by Lea.

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Georgie Phelps is 19 years old and often mistaken for Ashley Benson. She is the Love and labeled as “The Girl Who Waited.”

Positive’s traits: Sweet, Fearless, Bubbly.
Negative’s traits: Defensive, Self-conscious, Sarcastic.

Georgie’s Backstory;

She’s the girl with the beautiful face and equally beautiful personality, the gorgeous blonde locks and striking eyes are attractive to both males and females alike but it’s her friends that aid her in her popularity as much as her appearance does. Georgie met Rory when they were a lot younger, during their days as Freshmen and then, through him, she had been given the opportunity to meet Lucy. When she first met Rory, Georgie hadn’t really been able to see past those brown curls to see the man that was really their behind them; she’d only see a guy that only seemed to think of everyone else but himself and then she had gotten to know him and had realised that if everyone else was happy then he was happy. She had found herself starting to like this optimistic, positive male even with his occasional mood swings and negative moments; that is until he suddenly decided it was time to leave her and Lucy’s lives. One day he just announced it to them, he was going to travel the world for a few days and then, the next day, he was gone. 

She was hurt in ways that aren’t even possible to describe when he chose her best friend over her. Rory and Lucy began dating and Georgie instantly became the third wheel and, upon having no one else with who to spend time with, she ended up having to spend more and more time alone. That’s when she started to talk to Flynn  Lawrence. He was just another guy but he seemed nice and she started to get to know him a little bit better. Then, just when things seemed to be working out between her and all her friends, Rory came back. This time though he seemed a lot more conflicted about who to choose and, although Georgie doesn’t want it to be true, she can’t help but feel herself being attracted to him once more. 

Georgie’s Personality;

You wouldn’t expect her to be like she is, you wouldn’t expect her to be as nice as she is, not unless you actually know her. She puts up a wall around her true emotions and emits this negative attitude to everyone until they become close to her. She considers being there for someone as having a good end result. Such as, if she ever needed any one, then they would be there for her. Meaning she constantly thrives to care for others. She can also have a devious side, but it’s rarely occurred to any one that this part of her exists.

Unfortunately for you, she is TAKEN by Aria

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