Kara Lincoln + 19 + Mistaken for Sophia Bush. + Tough + “Daddy’s Girl”


Kara’s Backstory;

The first thing that everyone knows about Kara is that she’s a Daddy’s little girl; she would never do anything that would hurt or undermine her father’s wishes in anyway. Now that doesn’t mean that she’s completely limited on her whole life but it means that the brunette has had to forsake some things like boys and parties in honour of other things like intelligence and family. She has been raised as a real lady, always minding her p’s and q’s and never being rude or rash and she thinks that’s why most girls don’t like her - she’s that smart, independent girl who’s always top of the class without trying, she’s the teacher’s favourite and she’s the one who always manages to capture the guy’s attentions without asking for it. Kara doesn’t see herself as being pretty but the male gender don’t miss out on that fact, they also can’t help but notice her skinny body from her hours spent in the water. Her parents see her hobby as a waste of time, what could really come from the water that you can’t find better on land? They tell her to get her head out of the surf but the water is the one place that she can think without having her parents breathing down her neck. 

Matthew was the first male that had approached her and hadn’t try to hit on her with his first words, she liked that about him. Then she had gotten to know him a little better and had begun to like other things about him like his gently attitude and the way he respected her like most men wouldn’t. She found herself enjoying his company more than she had with any other male that she knew and she had known that she had wanted to spend more time with him. He’d given her his number and when she had gone home she had intended to call him back until her dad had found out. He had forbidden her and confiscated the number. When she saw Matthew again she had to tell him that she couldn’t see him any more. 

Kara’s Personality;

Kara isn’t the sort of girl that is wowed by flattery and compliments when they don’t ring true. She doesn’t believe that she is beautiful or amazingly hot and she accepts that, it’s the main reason that she has managed to avoid men for so long because she doesn’t fall to their playing. She’s not afraid to be herself and is usually extremely hesitant before doing something because she has to consider what her father will think about it first. 

Positive’s; Funny, Loyal, Modest

Negative’s; Obedient, Cowardly, Cautious

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