Lydia Matthews | 18 | Mistaken for Lucy Hale | Tough | “Miss Jealousy”


Lydia’s Backstory;

Life had always been fantastic for Lydia. She’d always been given what she wanted and she’d never had the word “No” said to her by any member of her family. Whatever she asked for, she got. The would mean that she was stuck up, right? Wrong. She’s anything but. Although she got everything she ever desired, she only used that when it was completely necessary. Sometimes, she’d ask her parents for money just so she could give it to specific charities. But, this didn’t last long as she wasn’t very secretive about it. Her parents hated the idea of their money going to charity instead of being spent on their little princess.They immediately put a stop to it by revoking all of her rights to get whatever she desired and taking away the thing which was most important to her, her old life. The family upped and left the city of Malibu and traveled across to Chicago, much to Lydia’s displeasure. 

But, her opinion on the state changed immediately as she met the most popular male at the school she attended. Isaac Murphy. He was handsome, kind and everything a girl could ever dream of. As soon as he asked her out, she didn’t hesitate in accepting his offer. Immediately after their first date, Lydia found herself falling for him and when he finally asked her to be his, she was thrilled. Perhaps being in Chicago wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. Or so she thought, until she introduced her new boyfriend to her best friend and her boyfriend, Kyle. She could see that the two would be great friends and she looked forward to the double dates the four of them would go on. Little did she know that Kyle and Isaac both had other ideas. That was until she and Eva walked in on the both of them at a party, they were a little too close for comfort so both her and Eva immediately pulled them apart, not letting them see each other again. Isaac was the best thing that had happened to her, and she wasn’t willing to lose him without a fight.

Lydia’s Personality;

Lydia has always tried her best to be the girl her parents wanted her to be, but as she becomes older her views on life keep changing. She knows now that she shouldn’t take everything for granted. Lydia’s a very kind girl, she doesn’t hesitate in speaking to new people and making friends and she has a great sense of humor. She doesn’t take jokes about her to heart and she knows exactly when people are being sarcastic or ironic. She’s one of the most intelligent girls you’ll ever meet and she never fails in giving out random facts to anyone who desires them.

Three Positives: Determined, Kind, Charitable.

Three Negatives: Jealous, Possessive, Rebellious.

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